Download yam the killer potato 1.6.1

Yam: The Killer Potato is an action as well as adventures game for Mac.

About Yam: The Killer Potato:
The story or Yam: The Killer Potato begins with an agent, Yam. His mission is to pass (troops, for example)

The Killer Potato 1.6.1 download gamesurreptitiously into enemy-held territory and various bases around his home world and save and rescue as many MIAs as possible.

Yam: The Killer Potato is one among the soldiers of the Potato army. Many years ago, the home world of potatoes were attacked and encroached by a race of symbiotic cybernetic organisms. Since, the war had been faced by potatoes for a lifelong. Newly, the potatoes army to regroup their team and change their strategy of their offense and have decided to retreat/fall back. But some soldiers left, without regrouping and marked as “missing in action”. One of the soldier is not happy with this condition. Yam wanted to bring his boys back in the army, as so many of them died during the war. He wants to bring them back at any cost in which he may die by trying it. But one thing had confused him that the aliens are trying to completely destroy the planet in just about few months. The aliens might take all of the goods and resources, as they need and left the earth without destroying. But they hadn’t. For what reason they came to Earth? And why they want to destroy it?

Find it out… in Yam: The Killer Potato.
Many more features included.

The Killer Potato game Features:
•    Over 25 missions
•    More than 8 hours’ gameplay!
•    4 difficulty settings
•    Large levels
•    A variety of weapons
•    Multiple objectives
•    Optional blood and gore
•    Boss Battles!
•    Lots of sound effects and music track

The Killer Potato game System Requirements
•    Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
•    1GHz PowerPC G4 processor or higher
•    64MB video RAM
•    140MB hard disk space

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