GoodSync Review and Download

Siber systems launched GOODSYNC software application mainly designed to synchronize and backup files. Can backup Personal computer files, Mobile files and synchronize them between laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and remotely through file transfer protocol.

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goodsync software is reliable and easy to use. Provides innovative bi-directional synchronization. With synchronization the files are updated automatically in different locations. This software uses robust technology for data protection. The folders and important files are synchronized from system to system or over network. Back up all important data, audio files, and images. Fast recovery of data and files even when the system crashes or hard disk fails. GOODSYNC software key features are true bi-directional synchronization, easy backup solution, deletions are propagated, chained synchronization, low memory, syncs with FTP, syncs with mobile devices, include filters, supports 32 and 62 bit versions, portable paths, case sensitivity, time shifts, embedded jobs, FTP file modify, file manipulation, copy locked files, compression in NTFS, visual comparison. This software is compatible with Mac and Windows® operating system.

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