GOOGLE WEB ACCELERATOR – Web pages load faster

GOOGLE WEB ACCELERATOR is the software used to load the web pages faster. This software application supports browsers to load the web pages faster than before. This software is Google Labs product.

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It uses Google’s global network that handles the web traffic.  The web page requests are sent through Google’s network. Stores copies of previous web pages and provides faster access. Advancely prefetches some pages to PC. This accelerator manages the internet connection. Compresses the data and sends to computer. Google receives only HTTP web pages requests. GOOGLE WEB ACCELERATOR software supports Windows® operating system. It also supports different browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The different icons available in the toolbar are Speedometer indicates the download speed of a web page. When this Speedometer is turned off then the icon displays in gray color. The Speedometer menu provides time saved in seconds, performance of data, can change the preferences, don’t accelerate the selected website, can also start or stop the web accelerator.

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