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MCAFEE AGENT Free Download Latest Version Review:

McAfee launched MCAFEE AGENT software. This software is available in different versions and releases compatible with windows operating system. It’s Patches available for other operating systems like Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris. It works like an informer in Personal computers.


MCAFEE AGENT comes with MacAfee antivirus software suite installation and is located on the taskbar and keeps monitoring the PC. It loads automatically with start-up, provides security, quick access and alerts for malicious program attacks. Shows red indication when it is enabled and gray indication when it is disabled. It does not provide any services when it indicates gray icon. It shows options available when right clicked on icon. When MCAFEE AGENT is enabled in PC it provides full protection and provides the status of System. It is also called Site Advisor because it protects browsers with antiphishing. When antiphishing option is disabled for browser then indicates phishing site for a browser. This software enables to change McAfee protection settings.

The McAfee Agent 4.5 Release Candidate version includes these new features:
•    An updated McAfee System Tray Icon that provides improved user interface on managed systems
•    An Update Now feature in ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 that provides support for manual updates
•    Improved performance during policy enforcement
•    Improved methodology for identifying nearby subnets
•    Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
•    Support for agent handler (load balancing)
•    Support for Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) networks
•    Support for selective updating
•    Support for policy assignment rules (user-based policies).

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