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TOSHIBA DISC CREATOR is the software application loaded in Toshiba PCs and different Satellite models. This software is applicable to Optical media CD, DVD and re-writable.

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Creation of disc is simple and easy with this utility. It is compatible with Windows® operating system. Can create data CD, data DVD, audio CD, audio DVD, Video CD, and Video DVD with high definition quality. Back up CD and DVD discs by creating image files.  The start-up menu has standard menu options like Audio CD can be made from audio files. Computer data can be backed up to disc called Data disc. Backup copies of discs can be made with Disc Backup option. The advanced menu consists of Disc to image where a disc can be preserved as an image file. Image to Disc provides creation of disc from an image file. TOSHIBA DISC CREATOR 2.0 enables to add multiple file types and burn data disc in data selecting window. The option window provides different settings.

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