Webs of Destruction 1.0 Free Download

Web of Destruction is an adventures as well as action game for Mac.
About Webs of Destruction:

Web of Destruction an arcade game of adventure and action. It is designed specially with the arcades in the mind.

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Do you know Spidey…? The world’s web hero. “Spider Man”
I think all of you know him. But there’s no Spider-man or spidey in this game.
It’s a game of a furious shooter; you must chase more and more number of enemies as depending on the levels as you play. You must use your weapon web, to whip on enemies as Spider-man does. The powerup’s are new and whip your web on the spinning ones to gradually increase your fire power to burn your enemies.
About four players can play this game together at a time on four controls.
Enjoy this Webs of Destruction game with your friends or family members.

System Requirements:
•    Mac OS X 10.5 or later
•    Intel processor

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