BITTORRENT – Open Source File Sharing Application

BitTorrent is nothing but a peer-to-peer data sharing protocol, which is widely used for distributing huge amounts of data. The Bit Torrent is one of the common protocols for large file transfer and it been estimated that it has been estimated for roughly 27-55% of all the internet traffic, which is depending on the geographical location, which is reported as on Feb 2009.

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The programmer named Bram Cohen designed this protocol in the month of April 2001 and he has released a first implementation of the protocol on July 2 2001. Now, it is maintained by the Cohen’s company called as the Bit Torrent Inc. There are many BitTorrent Clients available for even a variety of computer-based applications and computing platforms. The BitTorrent 7 protocol usually allows the users to distribute very large amounts of data without any heavy demands on their Personal Computers and that world be needed for any standard Internet and web hosting. With the help of this BitTorrent, not a single computer would need to supply large data in quantities that would paralyze the overwhelming actions and resources.

BitTorrent 7 Features:
* Lightweight client
* Local peer discovery
* Configurable bandwidth scheduler
* Global and per-torrent speed limiting
* RSS Downloader
* Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
* Trackerless support (Mainline DHT)

BitTorrent 7 system requirements:
The 7.x client requirements are very low. It works on Windows 95 up to XP, Vista, and 7. It works on 32 and 64-bit Windows.

Macintosh OS X is not currently supported.

The 7.x client can work in the following Linux/Unix configurations, although it is not supported:
It is reported to work under Linux using Cedega with some issues (blue bars in Pieces and Files tab don’t work, update function fails, minimize has a slight bug) if you use “Win98” mode.
It works very well under Wine 0.9.16.
It will also work under FreeBSD 6.1 using Wine 0.9.16+, but requires the GLX module to be enabled in xorg.conf.


Bittorrent Tutorial

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