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Comodo BackUp is software that makes the things easy to safeguard the important and confidential files by the process of reducing the usually complex files and tasks of back up configuration just in few clicks of the mouse.

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In a straightforward and powerful utility, the Comodo BackUp usually allows the users quickly and easily back up some of the files to any network, local, FTP and virtual drive. It is a friendly case and an interface that step by step wizards the guide the even novice users through the wholesome process. There is a usual loss of significant data in the personal computer. With the help of one software error or crash, hours of complete work can hence wiped away. The Comodo BackUp offers peace of mind and stability by properly allowing the user to quickly setup the ongoing backup that would quietly copy and edit the user’s data in the background, which means that the user can get on with more facts that are important.

Key features of “Comodo BackUp”:
Many varied backup options:
· Place backup copies anywhere you choose – including local or network drives, FTP servers, virtual drives, removal storage devices or over the Internet using Comodo’s secure online storage.
Automatic backup scheduler:
· Set Comodo Backup to make copies of your files automatically, when it’s convenient for you
Backup Presets for commonly used and important files:
· One – click back up of user settings, Windows registry and system partition
Highly Secure:
· Your backup files can be password protected and encrypted with a range of highly secure algorithms Constant copy log
· Comodo Backup will keep a log of all edits made to files and automatically store and reflect these updates
Quick data recovery:
· Comodo Backup features an uncomplicated and fast way to retrieve and view all your backed up data
Synchronized backup feature:
· Users can set Comodo Backup to automatically copy a file to backup every time it is saved
Email notifications for completions of a backup job:
· Comodo Backup lets create mailing lists so that you and others can be alerted immediately when a backup job is completed

· Intel Pentium II 233 Mhz or better
· 128 MB RAM
· 23 MB free hard drive space

Comodo BackUp 3.0 BETA Preview


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