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Cooliris for Internet Explorer is available as Add-on. It is fast in searching images, web sites, and photos with fast access and provides 3D effect navigation.

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This Add-on for internet explorer browser is released in different versions, and the latest version comes with updated features. Introduces new logo and User interface layout, auto-minimizing sidebar, wall feeds, filter channels using search box, list box for channels, improved performance, hardware detection, best performance with  flash files, fixed crash, fixed FF crash, low CPU utilization, tabbed browsing, adjust window size, 3D wall, bookmark, toggle feature, full screen, scroll bar, improved support for top sites, NVIDIA hardware support, transparent overlay, fixed graphic corruption, local file support, Facebook support, YouTube browsing, drag and drop feature, stability improvements, personal 3D wall, streamlined interface, improved graphics. Cooliris for Internet Explorer provides best performance with 3D effect and zoom support, and easy graphical user interface. Supports Windows® operating system.

System Requirements:
Operating System
Windows:     XP, Vista, 7
OSX:     Mac OS X: 10.5-10.6.x (operates in 32-bit browser mode)
Linux:     Ubuntu 8.04+, Fedora 10.0+, OpenSuse 11+
Minimum:     1 GHz
Recommended:     Any type of multi-core processor.
Note:     For Macs, any model with an Intel chip will work. PPC Macs are not supported.
Minimum:     512 MB
Recommended:     1 GB
Graphics Processor Unit (GPU):
Minimum:     64 MB VRAM. Intel: 8xx. NVidia: GeForce 4. ATI: Radeon 8500.
Recommended:     128 MB VRAM. Intel: 9xx. NVidia: GeForce 5/FX. ATI: Radeon 9500.

Cooliris for Firefox/Internet Explorer 8

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