Sauerbraten is a multiplayer adventures game for all Operating Systems.
About Sauerbraten: Sauerbraten is a freeware single and Multi-player (1st player) shooting game with some of the fast oldschool game play.

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Sauerbraten include a large difference of game play modes from classic Single Player to fast 1 on 1 Multi-Player game and reality supported team play, with an excellent and remarkable variety of new maps to play on. You can also edit your level with a press of one key on ‘Level Editor’ option, which allows you to create or modify your own levels, geometry, color, background, textures, sounds, entities in game, on the run. Even more new on Sauerbraten, It has a remarkable option, “Coop edit” mode where you can edit or create your own maps together with your friends on online.

The engine, despite the fact that it has designed for plainness and elegancy as acting against or in opposition to the feature & eye-teasing checklists. Occlusion selecting, pixel & partial darkness of vertex shades, very correct digital mapping, vigorious custom physics system, network system, models, sound effects, scripting… and more…

System Requirements:
•    Windows
•    Mac OS X
•    Linux

Download Sauerbraten for Windows

Download Sauerbraten for Linux

Download Sauerbraten for MacOS X

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