Deluge Torrent – platform BitTorrent client

Deluge Torrent is a fully featured Bit Torrent that acts as a client for the Linux, UNIX, OS X and other windows applications. The Deluge Torrent makes use of the LibTorrent in the back end and hence features multiple user interfacing, which usually includes the GTK+, console and the web.

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The Deluge Torrent usually designed using the Client server model along with the daemon process that usually handles all the BitTorrent activity. The daemon is able to run on any headless machines with the help of the user interfaces being able precisely connect from any platform.

The Deluge Torrent features a perfectly rich Plug-in collection which is the most perfect of the Deluge’s functionality available in the form of Plug-instep Deluge Torrent was designed and created with the sole intention of being unobtrusive and light weight. It is the user’s belief that the downloading should not be the primary task of every user on the computer.

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