Download DIGSBY – Instant Messaging Client

Digsby is one such software, which is freeware, based proprietary instant multi protocol messaging service application and developed by the dotSyntax limited. The Digsby usually written in wxPython and generally uses WebKit tool for rendering the services.

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They support most of the main stream IM services which include AOL instant messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, Microsoft’s messenger services, Facebook chat, MySpace IM and even XMPP/Jabber based applications and services which include Google Talk and liveJournal’s IM. Secondly the Digsby software usually supports the email notifications which are through POP, IMAP and even webmail like AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo which includes the ability to mark or unmark the messages as spam, read or even delete the concerned from the client list itself.

Finally, the Digsby software also supports general alerts and feeds of news from MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hence, the Digsby software can be very well compared from the former clients in their features.

Download Digsby for Windows

Download Digsby for Mac

Download Digsby for Linux

Download Digsby for Mobile

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