Download DU METER – Grip on your Network Traffic

DU METER enables the users to use their own internet connection even more efficiently. It perhaps lets them to visualize how much of their potential bandwidth is actually utilized in a given period.

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They do so either by displaying a real time display or a numerical graph or even both. The DU METER actually works with a Dial-Up ISDN, Ethernet and Cable Modem cards and hereby allowing the user to detect and select the network interface specifically. The additional features of the DU METER include the export, logging, an option to clear the DU meter window caption and stopwatch that accurately times up the user’s download and hence precisely reports the average transfer rates. The DU meter usually comes with an additional option to notify the user or even disconnect from the internet automatically whenever the network activity drops below a certain provided level. They have a free trial license and usually provide 30 days trial and some of the features disabled.

Features in DU Meter 5.0:
* DU Meter can discriminate between Internet and local LAN traffic, and monitor either of them. It can figure out what is Internet and what is LAN traffic automatically, or you can supply a list of IP subnetworks you wish to monitor or ignore.
* If your networking traffic is not free (or it starts to cost you over a certain monthly limit), DU Meter can calculate and display total cost of traffic during this billing period. Peak/off-peak rates are supported too.
* DU Meter can terminate all network connections as a result of an alert condition being met. E.g. you can specify that if monthly or daily traffic is over a certain limit, no more network traffic will be initiated.
* Alerts may be based on current monthly charges.
* Many bug fixes and improvements in stability and robustness – DU Meter can automatically recover now from database corruption (extremely rare).
* Still light system resources usage: Despite all these improvements, DU Meter still takes very little system resources

DU Meter Installation & Activation

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