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Jalada Boskonian is an action game for Mac.
About jalada Boskonian:
It’s about the story of earth warriors and Boskonian warriors. No one knows in the world, how the Boskonian war had started. At the atmosphere of terror, the Federal Earth Council suffered very large amount of losses due to Boskonian enemy’s apparently incomprehensible enemy base fortress (a fortified place).
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Suddenly, luck was about to turn towards- Federal Council, because they have a bold plan to send a spy in group of the Boskonians final climax. The plans which were building by the enemies stations/bases were finally uncovered revealed. Your mission on the game is to accept the plan, fly behind the antagonistic lines of enemy’s, then later find their bases and destroy them completely.  But beware, they’ll not allow you to simply destroy their valuable bases or stations. They’ll try to stop and destroy you by sending different varieties of ships and other space crafts. Now, the out coming fate or future of earth lies in your hands.

Jalada Boskonian Game Features:
– Fast paced retro arcade style game play.
– Many more features.
Jalada Boskonian Game  System Requirements
·    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later

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