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Split camera is nothing but a virtual video clone and a video capturing drive for virtually connecting several applications in to a single video capture source.

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Normally, if a user has a web camera well connected to his computer, he may not precisely use that more than one proper application at a same time nut there is no standard windows option that makes that possible. Splitcam driver usually allows the user to easily multiply his web camera video in the perfect conferencing software like the ICQ, MSN messenger, Yahoo or whatever there is to broadcast it even to many users at a single time. With the help of the Splitcam, one can connect up to 64 clients over a single video. There are some new features of the new version of software. This Splitcam version 4.2 sends video files usually or photo like files related to the webcam to any other programs, sends live video along with the slide show photos.

Splitcam Clone Video Features:
· Choose almost any video source as a primary video capture device.
· Digital zoom.
· Digital pan 180.
· Select a desirable frame rate from 5 to 30 fps. Usually you use 15 fps for videoconferencing.
· Set up base video options directly from the main SplitCam window.
· Bring up a manufacture provided options for fine tuning the physical video source.
· Use any of the wide range of resolutions in client applications: 160×120, 320×240, 640×480, etc.
· Every application can have its own video resolution.
· You can disable unused video resolutions to lower the processor load.
· Auto-update will ensure that you always have the latest version of the software.
· Capturing photo images and providing them as a video source to client applications.
· Basic photo editing of photo images before sending them to client applications.
· change the appearance of the SplitCam interface by using “skins” developed by other users, or make your own interface “skin” with the help of the skin builder.

· Processor: Intel Pentium or better.
· RAM: 128Mb, more highly recommended.
· Additional requirements: DirectX 9 or later.

How to Install SplitCam Free

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