Drupal Audio Player Module

Drupal Audio Player Module Free Download Review:

Drupal Audio Player Module is a software application that supports different audio file formats. This application has an audio player that plays high quality music with compatible audio types. Every audio file maintains ID3 tag library, which maintains Meta tag information.

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This module also provides feature in uploading audio files in web sites. Every individual audio is considered as a node. Drupal allows community users to manage the web site content. The different sites are community web portals, discussion sites, corporate web sites, social networking sites, E-commerce applications, intranet applications, personal sites, aficionado sites, blog sites, resource directories. Add-on modules provide different features like, electronic commerce, blogs, collaborative environments, forums, peer to peer networking, newsletters, podcasting, file uploads, picture galleries, and file downloads. Drupal is distributed by GPL. Audio files are uploaded by the users and this module has default flash player. DRUPAL AUDIO MODULE software is available in different versions and is compatible with Windows® operating system.

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