There are presently two types of the Sony Ericsson wireless manager. The first one is referred as Sony Ericsson wireless manager version and is widely accepted in English, French and Spanish.

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This version supports Windows 2000, windows XP and windows XP professional and Windows Vista either 32 bit or 64 bit. The wireless manager tool or application drivers are exclusively for the GC89 personal computer card.
There are some of the requirements for the Sony Ericsson wireless manager on the personal computer. They are:
1)      The user’s laptop personal computer must need or even exceed the minimum system requirements that are installed version of windows.
2)      We require type II, 32 bit Card bus Slot.
3)      The user needs CPU and system memory as well recommended by the Windows for Microsoft.
4)      We require 30MB available hard disk drive space.
5)      The user has to uninstall any other previous versions of the software before installing the Sony Ericsson wireless manager version.

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