WinFF – Powerful Video Converter

WinFF is a graphic user interface for the command line converter for video or audio such as FFMPEG. The WinFF has a capability to convert any video file that a formal video converter does in a single moment of time and in multiple formats.

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The user can convert the MPEGs, MOVs and FLVs all in to the AVIs at once. The WinFF is even available for some of the operating systems like the Windows 95, windows 98, windows ME, Windows NT, windows Vista and debian, Ubuntu and Redhat based on Linux distributions. The WinFF is available in some of the Brazilian, Portugese, Dutch, English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Hebrew, Polish, Danish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish and Slovenian states. The WinFF is one of the open source and cross platform usually written in the free Pascal and Lazarus statements. The WinFF is published under the GNU license and without any proper warranty for any purpose.

Features of WinFF Video Converter :
– Easy to use interface.
– Fast (Winff does not hinder FFmpeg in anyway).
– High quality output.
– Converts multiple different files all to the same format at once.
– Convert video to audio.
– Convert between audio formats.
– No external codecs needed.
– Includes a variety of preset conversion settings for common formats and devices.
– Preset conversions can be created to encode to any format FFmpeg supports.
– Easy access to common conversion options such as bitrate, frame size, frame rate.
– Specify additional command line parameters for advanced users (options button).
– Easily change FFmpeg versions.
– Supports FFmpeg’s Multithreading for dual core processers
– Multilingual, available in over 10 languages

Introduction to using WinFF

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