ActivePerl – a quick and easy perl distribution

ActivePerl is the dynamic scripting language product for developers. It is the industry standard tool that is ensures reliability and saves lot of time. It has two modules like PPM and Perl Module.

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This software is available in different editions for customers like OEM edition, Enterprise edition, and Business edition. Its latest version comes with new updated features. In its new version Bundled modules are updated, fixes OpenSSL. It supports multiple platforms like AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows® operating system. Different open source projects and applications can be developed with this software. ActivePerl provides key features like, time savings, simpler management, installing, updating, and removing modules, manages the Perl modules, local modules, effort savings and supports over ten thousand additional modules. Different installer packages are available to run on different platforms. The online community supported is also provided. It is a language distribution product available with two Perl modules.

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