Attribute Changer – change file and folder attributes

Attribute Changer is utility software tool that helps in changing all files and directory attributes. This application is available in latest version with new improved features.

attribute changer, attribute changer download, attribute changer free download, download attribute changer, free download, attribute changer, attribute changer 6, attribute changer softwareIt is compatible with Windows® operating system and also supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions. This tool edits the digital images information that is stored. Supports NTFS compression, and changes all the files date and time information. This software comes with interface that provides multiple options and editable settings. Its tab options are folder properties, file properties, reporting, and different settings. The folder properties maintains the personal computer’s information like read only, hidden , archive, system, compress and index. Can modify the date and time stamps, modify the file system by day, month and year. The files properties consist of file information, offset, picture and limit options. The reporting maintains filename and directories. Attribute Changer has customizable settings related to file settings, folder settings, and other settings.

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