Beyluxe Messenger – Instant Messaging Software

Beyluxe Messenger is the best chatting with your friends or relatives or your family members through internet. You are able to download and install this software into your personal desktop and you can start with chatting.

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It permits you make a nickname of yours. In world, many users are using this software, is having audio or video scheduled here or make your personal room, this is all free of cost. Beyluxe Messenger is having the greatest features. It is a huge place for utilizes to have entertaining and communicate utilizing this innovative technology. This software allows you can interact secretly and securely through chatting one to another person utilizing tone of voice and video.

In Beyluxe Messenger, you are able to look at videos, gather people and communicate with your friends or relatives thorough subscribe into this software. It acquires good-looking multicolored nick names and fun infinite rooms at a time.

Beyluxe Messenger Currently Activated Features :
. Voice Chat with superior Quality
. Public Rooms with Administration
. Private Rooms
. Different User Interference Themes
. Close To Tray Option
. Built-in Public Room Creator & Configuration
. Privacy Option
. Ability to Sending Whispers in Rooms
. receiving offline messages
. Photo Gallery
And much more …

Beyluxe Messenger Up-Coming Features :
. Video Chat with superior Quality
. Message Archive
. Ability to Add rooms to Favorite List
. Drag and Drop file Transfer
. Detailed User Profiles
. Automatic Update
. Smiles and Emoticons
. New GUI (Graphical User interface)
. Online Games
And much more …

Beyluxe Messenger music and mic in XP


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