BIOS Configuration for HP Protect Tools

BIOS Configuration for HP Protect Tools is a software it is useful in protecting forgotten passwords and for resetting the passwords also used for protecting the tools of HP company.

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It offers on the business desktops like notebooks along with work stations ,plug in modules of BIOS Configuration for HP Protect Tools are : it is useful in the smart card security, maintains the smart card accounts and manages it by providing security for the settings, for embedded security: provides embedded security and protection for TPM chip and configures also maintains, benefits of Hp protect tools: console design could grow to constitute new methodology within the actual user interface, solution components of this product: business notebook and pc along with smart card reader. Some more related products of this software are as follows: credential manager and drive encryption along with embedded security and face recognition this product was developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.

BIOS Configuration for HP ProtectTools Benefits:
Using HP ProtectTools and smart card readers or fingerprint scanners has a number of benefits:
* Improved security compared with passwords alone
* Less work for users – no passwords to remember and a single sign-on
* Fewer support calls when users forget passwords
* Smart cards can be used in other security applications, such as unlocking doors
* Centralised policy management
* Can restrict access by third party hardware (such as USB sticks) that can introduce malware.

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