Broadcom ASF Configuration Utility

This application is a software program that supports advanced systems format. Broadcom ASF is the configuration utility application for network adapters, and servers.

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It is remote communication software between client and server system. Configures IP monitor and manages the connections and workstations. This application can be configured with VBScript in client systems. The internal components of software are setup for installation, WMI provider, ASF configuration, BRCM group, BASIF IP M, monitors local IP address, synchronizes with DHCP network, BASFRCfg.vbs file permits for administrative settings, and ASFRcfg is a command line utility. Broadcom ASF is available as installation software in personal computers that manage multiple applications over network remotely. It automatically detects the network interface card of the system, and subnet mask. Compatible with DHCP environments and manages and monitors system IP address. This software application is compatible with Windows® operating system. The installation is simple in a few steps. It has customizable settings.

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