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Adobe Type Manager is application software that helps to view the high quality fonts. With this software the font bitmaps can be generated automatically. Post Script consists of Type1 format for generating fonts.

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Can scale the fonts without jagged characters appearance. Supports smooth font that matches the color palette of the display monitor. This application is available in the latest version with improved features and updated performance in providing the best fonts. This software supports Macintosh and Windows® operating system. This application is compatible with multiple fonts available in the system. Can print the supportable Post Script fonts. Adobe Type Manager is an Adobe product that provides best solutions in its performance. The key features are, it is the best utility software that provides free fonts, supports multiple master fonts, high quality appearance of fonts, can create custom instances, can print PostScript font types and font faces, and intelligent improvement in its performance.

Adobe Type Manager System Requirements:

Macintosh:PostScript font support is built directly into Mac OS X; however, ATM Light is required for all other versions of Mac OS, including Mac OS X Classic.

Windows: PostScript font support is built directly into Windows 2000/XP, and ATM Light is not required for basic font installation and rendering on these platforms. However, you must install ATM Light on Windows 2000 or XP if you use Adobe’s multiple master typefaces and want to create custom font instances. ATM Light is required for previous versions of Windows, including Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0.

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