Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Windows

Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Windows 7 Overview:

Blackberry media sync is a component of blackberry which is desktop software 6.0. It makes our desktop, music, photos, videos collections synchronous with our blackberry smart phone in a quick and easy way.
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We can not only synchronous our iTunes but also our windows media player music, where as regarding to pc we can also sync our photos and videos too. Listen to your music on your Blackberry smart phone. Put together a play list for the download a mix of tunes to get you through the day.
With blackberry media sync, you can:
•    Sync play list updates from your desktop to your smart phone
•    Sync by artists or genres, choose a play list or get a random selection of songs
•    Remotely set up music downloads from your desktop library; they will initiate when you return to your home Wi-Fi or connect via USB
•    Create and edit play lists that will sync back with your computer

System Requirements
To use BlackBerry Media Sync, you must have the following:
BlackBerry Smartphone Requirements
* BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.2 or later
* A media card or on-board device memory3
* BlackBerry smartphone connected to the computer via USB cable

Operating System Requirements
* Windows Vista™ or Windows® XP SP2 or later, or Windows 7
Music Application Requirements
* iTunes® version 7.7.1 or later OR Windows Media® Player version 10 or later.

How To Use Blackberry Media Sync


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