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Mail.Ru Agent is considered to be one of the most popular Russian Instant Messenger (IM) that among 9 million of the entire population uses this Mail.Ru Agent software monthly and even more people use this software every single minute.

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The Mail.Ru Agent free would rather help the user to be in touch with his old friends and make even new acquaintances. The Mail.Ru Agent opens a wide range of opportunities in order to provide interesting and to emotional online communications. There are certain new and advanced features available which adds to the above stated opportunities: they are:
1)    The software has significantly improved the video calls quality.
2)    The USB phones support is also included as a feature.
With the help of the Mail.Ru Agent the user can have unlimited options which are concerned to the communications.
1)    They provide instant messages.
2)    Video communications.
3)    High quality video calls.

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