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Nero Disc Speed is a typical CD-ROM/DVD utility benchmark that can even test the most important and available features of the user’s CD-ROM/DVD drive.

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The Nero Disc Speed tests include the transfer rate, CPU usage, DAE quality, Spinup/Spin down time, burst rate, seek times, etc.  The Nero Disc Speed has also an additional feature that has a functionality to evenly check the CD quality for media based applications. There are certain new features added in the new Nero Disc Speed release with a full change log available. These have added and additional tool tips and facility to extend the available feature. There are many minor improvements made in the existing feature and version and the bugs are usually fixed instantly. The transfer rate, burst rate and other such features are required in order to test the Nero Disc Speed version of software. On these tests, the software can be judged and hence used for betterment.

Features of Nero DiscSpeed :
– Basic and advanced drive/media tests
– Bit setting function (book type change)
– Supports all common disc formats
– Creates special test discs (data and audio)
– Graphical display of results, test protocols, and easy import/export function
– Industry standard benchmarking tool for CD, DVD, and BD drives
– Graphs transfer rate, CPU usage, and buffer status while creating a disc
– Simple screen capture.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, or Windows® 7
  • CD/DVD/BD optical recorder that supports write-once and rewritable discs (MMC compliant, multiread RW recorders, recorders supporting MRW (Mt Rainier))
  • Uninstall any other packet-writing software, and all prior versions of InCD before installing the current InCD version.


How to Use Nero Disk Speed

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