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The usual trend of compressing and burning the DVD video titles that are very big to fit in to any recordable or any re-writable 4.7 GB DVD disks is very nasty. Firstly the user imports all the complete contents of any non-copy protected DVD video or video file structures from his hard drive.

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After everything in the hard drive is being scanned or analyzed in order to select the video subtitle content and audio that the user can really want to consider, control the video quality that is to be done and hence adds his data files. With the help of the Nero Recode, the user can recode and hence burn the new DVD video to DVD disc, DVD image file or any hard drive folder only in a single step. The recoded file will keep the menu navigation for a perfect feel and look. The new improved Nero Recode digital profiles for the improved consumer compatibility electronic support are a feature of the product. The capability for transcoding the video files to the Nero digital has been an added feature.


Nero Recode


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  1. Herman Lyle says:

    Just what I was looking for. Need Nero Recode, but that is all.