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McAfee SiteAdvisor software provides internet security. This software is available as browser plug-in. It is installed in the browser as a button, provides McAfee search box which provides search results with rating icons for the different sites.

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This software advices different sites, by providing rating icons like safe, caution, warning, and unknown.  Secure search box provides safety results. McAfee button validates every site and rates the site with icons. Every icon provides different issues for web sites. Serious issues like security threats, pop-ups, and dangerous zones rate with warning. This software alerts the users to avoid these threats and provides risk free browsing. It also scans all downloadable applications and blocks all malware and malicious programs. McAfee SiteAdvisor works with Windows® operating system for Internet Explorer browser and also Mozilla Firefox. The secure search box blocks all the dangerous and risk sites. This software also provides security for E-mail practices, Browser Exploits, Phishing sites, Web Reputation, E-Commerce Vulnerabilities, Web annoyances and other links.

Spyware Prevention – How to Run McAfee SiteAdvisor

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