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Messenger Discovery is the software and you can chat with your friends with the help of that particular software. There are various versions available for you in Messenger Discovery.

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Messenger Discovery is the latest version and it released at 7th June 2010. Actually it is designed based on new technology and you will get many attractive features. One of the best advantages is you have an option to run multiple copies of messenger at a time. Here you can record your web cam video with the help of Messenger Discovery latest version. It is really easy and simple compare to previous versions. If you want to use the latest version of Messenger Discovery then first you have to install that particular software into your system.  Once you install Messenger Discovery into your system then you will be able to use it in your flexible manner.

Messenger Discovery Features:
* Run multiple copies of Messenger at once
* Record Video from your webcam chats and save them to your computer.
* Chat Enhancements including chat only nick name and Imitate
* See if your contacts have deleted you
* Steal your contacts display pictures
* Send nudges as fast as you wish and stop the window from shaking
* Contact event logging
* Use Google search instead of Live search




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