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Nimbuzz Free Download latest version in English Review:

Nimbuzz the best ways to become more reliable in this world is to follow the following points:
1)    Be online on the go.
2)    Chat instantly with the friends.
3)    Call an online buddy.
4)    Send perfect text messages.
5)    Send images, photos, videos and files.

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The user has to stay in touch with his friends whenever he has something on his mind. He has to show his mood of presence, location or even start communicating with them instantly. Instead of calling in minutes, the Nimbuzz makes use of the internet to let the user make free international calls to his buddies, friends, family who are not available online. This may not be any problem. But the new software called Nimbuzz credits to instantly call the landlines and also to the mobile phones against the cheap rates and hence saves him with money on international calling. The user can now share his location and hence retrieve the location of his buddies on a perfect map.

Nimbuzz Features:
* Chat and Talk to friends from your mobile or PC.
* View and communicate with Skype, MSN (or Windows Live Messenger), Google Talk, AIM, and Yahoo contacts at the same time.
* Make free voice calls to GTalk and MSN contacts.
* Make international calls to/from 35 countries at local calling rates.
* Launch conference call and invite up to 4 people to join conversation.
* Group chats (up to 25 people) and send group messages.
* Run multiple chat sessions at the same time
* ‘The Buzz’ feature: invite friends to conversation at any time.
* and more….

How to use Nimbuzz

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