VZ Access Manager Download for Windows 7

VZ Access Manager Download for Windows Overview:

VZ Access Manager is software and it is helpful to connect the internet with no wire connection. VZ Access Manager is used for personal computer as well as notebook. Also, you have WIFI option with that particular software.

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So, you have an option to browse the internet from any corner in the world with the help of VZ Access Manager. One of the best options with the VZ Access manager is you can reduce the risk. But you must need to have system requirements to use the VZ Access manager.  One of the major things is you should have wireless PC card. Also, you must need to have Windows 98, windows 2000 (professional), windows XP (home and professional). These are the major system requirements to use VZ Access Manger. Here you must need to know setup instructions like how install and what kind of steps you need to follow.

key features of “VZAccess Manager”:
WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network, 1xEV-DO/1xRTT/CDMA Specific Features:
· Configures your PC to use your wireless phone and cable or wireless CDMAPC Card as a modem.
· Creates a Quick 2 Net (14.4 kbps) connection if supported by your device.
· Creates a NationalAccess connection if using a NationalAccess capable wireless phone and cable or PC Card, which does not support BroadbandAccess.
· Creates a NationalAccess – BroadbandAccess connection if using a BroadbandAccess capable device. This connection will automatically fall back and attempt connecting via NationalAccess if the BroadbandAccess service is unavailable.
· Copy utility to create wireless copies of your dial-up connections, if supported by your device.
· Controls the Venturi compression software when using your NationalAccess – BroadbandAccess, NationalAccess or Quick 2 Net (14.4 kbps) connections.
· Signal Strength and battery level display for most wireless phones.
· Test function for WWAN device.

Wi-Fi Features:
· Configures Wi-Fi Adapter to work with VZAccess Manager.
· Displays Wi-Fi connections and signal strength when in a Wi-Fi coverage area. Supports connections to Wi-Fi networks such as ones used at home or work.
· Supports built-in Wi-Fi adapters or PC Cards.

Other Features:
· Can also be used to launch all of your dial-up networking connections, if desired.
· Can launch your browser, e-mail client, VPN or a program of your choice upon connection.
· Logs connections used, duration and bytes sent and received.
· See the section “Additional Features” For more information about the features of VZAccess Manager.

System Requirements

* Verizon Wireless PC/Express Card, or Mobile Phone with a Mobile Office Kit (For Mac compatibility please see supported Devices & Platforms)
* Internet browser software for internet access or network application
* Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess or NationalAccess data service
* Operating System Requirements:

* Windows XP SP2 or SP32 (Home, Professional, Media Center1, or Tablet PC Editions), Windows Vista2, Windows 72
* Laptop/Notebook computer with 300 MHz or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233 MHz minimum required (single or dual processor system); Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended.

* OSX 10.4.72 or higher (Tiger), OSX 10.52 or higher (Leopard) 32-bit, OSX 10.62 or higher (Snow Leopard) 32-bit
* PowerMac G3 or newer with appropriate device interface


Vz Access Manager Connect Software


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