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Are you bored of looking ant same old cursor everyday, want to give some effects to your cursor. Then you have to install CursorXP of Stardock. CursorXP is software that provides the option to customize your mouse cursor giving some effects like semi transparency or alpha blending or adding advanced shadows.

CursorXP, CursorXP free, free CursorXP, free download, CursorXP free download, CursorXP download free, CursorXP freeware, CursorXP toolCursorXP is very simple, easy to use and is compact provides option to download different types of cursor skins. The facility of using CursorXP is available only for windows XP and windows 2000 operating systems. It provides new visual effects feature for the old mouse cursors. Here using CursorXP it is so easy for you to create your own cursor and add different types of effects available for you. You can add different effects like trails, explosions, shadows and many other animations to your mouse cursor or else you can choose some other option that looks easy to use.

CursorXP Features:
New! Sounds on mouse event embeddable into themes
New! New Ghost Trail effect
New! Main User Interface updated
New! Theme Editor UI updated
Cursors with unlimited size
Fully anti-aliased cursors
Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors
Animations and scripts
Cursors with normal and pressed states
Full featured theme editor
Full featured graphic control panel
Fully configurable soft shadow
New Visual Editor
New User interface
New theme format: proprietary, expandable that lets skinners bundle Special effects into themes.

System Requirements:
Windows7/Windows XP/Vista
100MB free drive space

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