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Download Direct is the download accelerator software that downloads the files from internet. This accelerator automatically detects the downloading files and boosts to download files much faster.

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This software is available in latest version with newly added features and reliable performance. It is simple to install in few steps and run. This software is compatible with Windows® operating system. This application provides user friendly environment in downloading the files. Its user interface helps in managing the multiple downloads. The files can be downloaded automatically by pasting the related URL in the source location. Supports parallel download and can save the downloaded files in destination directory of hard drive. Manages the downloads with options like priority feature, play, pause, and stop the downloads. The resume capability feature is also available. Download Direct is the best tool for downloading the different format files from internet. This software supports popular internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Features & Specifications:
» Accelerates downloads up to 500% (sometimes more)
» Manage all downloads via one central screen
» Uses mirrors to find the fastest file location (achieves even more speed)
» Pause and resume downloads at anytime
» Resume broken downloads
» Preview music and movies while downloading
» Added support for BitTorrent files
» Built-in calender to schedule downloads
» Easy to use and configure with a fully graphic interface
» Quick save files to your favourite folders with MyFolders
» In-depth statistics on download details
» Unlimited simultaneous downloads
» Simplified lists help sort and group downloads
» Easy file management with MyFolders
» Download files without progress windows
» Keep track of old downloads with Download History
» Automate tasks on download completion and errors

System Requirements
The system requirements are the general hardware and software configurations (setup) of a computer to effectively run Download Direct.

Operating System Compatiblity: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003.

Minimum system requirements
* Windows 98 SE
* 633 MHz processor
* 128MB memory
* 7MB disk space
* 200MB extra storage space
* 16MB video memory
* 56k dial-up internet
* 800×600 resolution
* 256 colour depth

Recommended system requirements
* Windows XP onwards
* 2000 MHz processor
* 512MB memory
* 7MB disk space
* 1GB extra storage space
* 64MB video memory
* Broadband internet connection
* 1024×768 resolution
* 24-bit colour depth

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