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Drive Space Indicator is utility software application that shows the hard drive information in the personal computer. This software is available in new version with updated features and improved performance.

Download free Drive Space Indicator, Drive Space Indicator, Drive Space Indicator download, drive space indicator for xp, drive space indicator,  Drive Space IndicatorThis application program provides multiple functions in the system. Indicates the hard drive space and checks the performance of the disk drive. It is available in vista themes, and comes with easy graphical interface with multiple options and customizable settings. Checks every drive in the computer and displays the progress of every drive. The progress bar indicates the drive space. It is the best utility software that comes with vista icon package and themes support. Drive Space Indicator software programs is compatible with all versions of windows® operating system. It requires shell hardware detection, and windows management instrumentation installation for detecting hardware. This software monitors the hard disk space and provides reliable performance and efficiency.  Checks the disk status automatically and manages all hard drives in PC.

Program Requirements:
– Windows 2000, XP or 2003 should work fine. Tested on XP.
– Shell Hardware Detection service needs to be running.
– WMI needs to be installed in order to detect hardware PNP Device IDs

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