Ela-Salaty – Muslim Prayer Times & Qiblah Direction

Ela-Salaty is the software program that provides great features in maintaining the prayer timings. This is an Arabic software program that provides information about Allah.

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Ela-Salaty software is simple to install in personal computer. Comes with user friendly and easily accessible graphical user interface with multiple options. This software is compatible with all editions of Windows® operating system. Its new version comes with updated features and provides more benefits for users. It is an educational software that is available for free download as compressed zip format. Its interface provides customizable settings and also supports skins for better look. Ela-Salaty is a religious software that helps users in remembering prayer timings and getting as online services. It is an Arabic software supports Arabic language and search the words and definitions over online. Get the latest news of prayers and this software keeps up to date with its updates. It is a simple and easy desktop application.

Ela-Salaty Key features:
• Available as a free to use software application.
• Different and better software than any other of same category.
• It claims to be more accurate and unaffected by changes in your system’s timings.
• The tool triggers your reminders a few minutes prior to the actual timing, giving you preparation time.
• You can implement this tool in Windows 98, 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions.

Software Name: Ela Salaty
Software Filename(with extension): ela_salaty_setup.exe
File Volume: 27.91MB
Platforms:  Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Software License: Freeware

Download Ela-Salaty App for iPhone

Ela-Salaty New in Version 1.2 Featres

• Performance improvements.
• The possibility of arranging and organizing locations
• Fixing an error when manually modifying prayer times.
• Enabling compatibility with the latest iOS.
• Now you can add a picture when sharing prayer times.
• Now you can know the remaining time for next prayers even on the next day.
• Added the option to turn off playing the full Azan when opening the app from the prayer notification.
• Minor bug fixes.

Download Ela-Salaty App for Android

Application Features:
– A widget that shows today’s prayers times.
– A horizontal widget the shows a time bar between the previous and next prayer.
– Notification for each prayer and Iqamah reminders, with the ability to adjust their times.
– Ability to select notification tone (Athan) from the SD card.
– Switching the phone to silent automatically during prayer times, with settings for each prayer.
– Finding the location automatically using Network or GPS, or manually by searching in the Internet.
– A Compass to show the Qibla direction.
– Fajr (and Sahoor) Alarm, and it can be configured from Settings.
– A Date Converter, to convert Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa, and calculate the prayers for that date.
– Ability to adjust prayer times manually.
– Can be used in both languages, English or Arabic, and with two colors, White or Black.

The methods that were implemented in this application are:
1- Umm Al Qura University
2- Muslim World League
3- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
4- Egyptian General Authority of Survey
5- Islamic Union of North America
6- Union of Islamic Organisations in France
7- Angle Based Method

For more information check the Info page from the option menu in the application.

For bug reports (or bugs on special devices), and features requests please email us.

Ela-Salaty Review

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