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File Management System Software is a procedure for storing, arranging computer files with their information. Usually it arranges the files into the particular database for a storage purpose for making changes and for retrieval purpose by the OS.

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File Management is mainly useful in keeping the files on you system up to date, it provides the facilities for those you always waiting for those , File Management software is helpful in keeping the files  accessible for every one , arranging the files by using those type of the file , it does the application easier to get by creating the folders known as Program Files on  your own drive  and placing all of the applications for example word and PowerPoint, and helpful in moving the file documents from one place  to other different locations , helps in creating documents for folders and also nesting folders in other different folders along with making the backup copy of an important files and folders and for specified documents.

M-Files Express Features and Benefits:
Easy to learn and use: The only document management software with an instantly familiar Windows Explorer interface.
Highly secure: Configurable user access permissions control data access and visibility; hide sensitive documents while using a single storage location.
Find the documents you need when you need them with fast, flexible search: Quick and Advanced Search using file contents, metadata or both.
Increased efficiency and productivity: Check-out, check-in, and version tracking.

Supports all document types:
•    Standard Office documents including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as other documents
•    PDF files
•    CAD models and drawings
•    Pictures on image files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.
•    Emails and email attachments
•    Scanned or faxed paper documents
•    Any other document, file or information, such as:
o    Customers, Contacts, Employees, etc.
o    Equipment and products, such as computer or a medical device
o    Tasks, Actions, and more…
The same core technology as M-Files Professional: M-Files Express is based on the same core technology as M-Files Professional.

Supported Operating Systems:
•    Windows 7
•    Windows Vista
•    Windows XP
•    Windows 2000
•    Windows Server 2008 R2
•    Windows Server 2008
•    Windows Server 2003
Mac and Linux users can access M-Files via a browser-based interface.

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