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File Splitter is useful for joining files and making pieces of files of any size and any kind. Created files contains the versions of .001 also 002 of extended versions. It is difficult to join the versions of files like .001.

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First you need to double click those files with those extensions .001 and also their remaining parts would be added into the .001 File Splitter those are added together by using the mouse options, Version 3.0.1 contains  unspecified updates and enhancements along with their bug fixes. It also supports any kind of file formats that is more than 40GB. The latest version of this product is 4.0.5 with their bugdixes and also improved updates. You could get this software at free of cost and also with the cost of $10.00 in some places.

Operating systems it supports are: windods 98/2000 and vista, server 2008.

Using File Splitter and Joiner Very Easily!


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