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Download Foxmail 7.0 (Free) for Windows Review:

FOXMAIL is email client software that is available in latest version with improved performance and updated features.

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Foxmail has multiple features like backups html files, stationery, comfortable to apply, email notifications, junk email dribbling, email protection, grapples multiple accounts, POP accounts, compile rich contents, customized templates, macros, letter paper, remote mailbox, erase emails, tags, spots junk emails, backups MIME content, and backups digital signatures. Supports different accounts like Hotmail, POP, and Yahoo. This email client provides efficient in its performance, it is comfortable for most users. The software has multiple options like reliever, envoyer, addresses, telnet, source, deplacer, and other. Its menu options are ficher, edition, sms, message, and many more. Manage the inbox mails. Displays tags like subject, date, file size, attach files, and time. Can flag the important mails with flag indication. FOXMAIL automatically detects spam mails, archives, and trash that hold deleted mails. Email notifications alert the user whenever new mail arrives.

Here is the feature list of the Foxmail program:
* Compact yet powerful
* Remote mail management, downloads and deletes emails directly from the mail server
* Local mailbox with encryption feature and address book
* Hotmail proxy to receive email from Hotmail as POP3 server
* Compose HTML format email with WYSWYG, and read HTML email
* Support multiple accounts, each account with independent setting
* Import/Export mails from/to Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, etc
* Mail-Express Service (email is delivered to the destination mailbox directly without any SMTP server relaying)
* HTML/Text email templates, full customizable
* Rolling bar for new coming emails
* English spelling checks
* Automatic email address typing completion
* And much more

Here are the requirements of the Foxmail program:
* Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
* At least 5MB of free hard drive space
* At suggest 32Mb of RAM 500Mhz CPU

How to setup an email account in FoxMail

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