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iSpring Pro is one kind of software which is a multimedia plat form that is used to add animation and video along with interactivity to the Web pages.

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iSpring Pro is rarely used for a notice and games. Earlier, it has been delayed as a tool option for the “rich internet application”. Spring Free changes vector, raster graphics files to display animation of text and drawings along with still images. Which can provides bidirectional streaming of files like audio and video it could capture developer input via mouse, keyboard and microphone along with its camera. It contains an object oriented programming language called as action script. Its Flash description may be shown on different systems and devices, those are utilizing adobe flash player that is find free of cost for normal web browsers along with some mobile phones also including some other electronic devices, which uses flash light.

iSpring Pro Key Features:
Whatever you create in PowerPoint, iSpring Pro makes your presentation brainchild easily distributable and accessible from anywhere. All in universally viewable Flash format, all with 100% conversion accuracy of the most advanced PowerPoint features and capabilities.

PowerPoint Content
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 support
* Trigger animations
* 189 of 199 PowerPoint XP/2003/2007/2010 animation effects
* Virtually all PowerPoint XP/2003/2007/2010 slide transitions
* Animations by words and letters
* Vector representation of standard PowerPoint objects
* Slide Masters with interactive elements
* Hidden slides
* Right-to-Left languages
* Hyperlink screentips new
* Slide notes styles
* On mouse over actions new

Flash Movie Tuning
* Multi-level presentation structure
* Single Flash (.SWF) movie
* Separate/Standalone Flash slides
* Flash movie preloader
* Keyboard control customization
* Flash context menu disabling
* Flash movie autostart control

Publishing and Delivery
* Local folder at My Computer
* Sharing at iSpring Online updated
* Publishing to CD/DVD
* Publishing for Web
* Web site via remote FTP server
* Sending via e-mail

Output Formats
* Single Flash file (.SWF)
* .EXE file – no Flash Player required
* HTML page
* ZIP archive

Multimedia Support
* Flash movies insertion
* AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips
* PowerPoint 2010 Trim and Crop video feature support new
* MP3, WAV and WMA audio
* PowerPoint 2010 Trim audio feature support new
* Background audio for a slide
* Background audio for a presentation
* Sounds for animation effects
* Sounds for slide transitions
* On click sounds updated
* PowerPoint sound volume control

Flash-based Player
* 10 Flash player templates
* Fully customizable layout updated
* System fonts display
* Instant preview before publishing
* Ink Annotation tools
* Player template for Flash banners

Advanced Options
* Multiple presenters & company logos
* Audio narrations recording & sync
* References and attachments management
* Publish presets
* Resume presentation option
* Presentation Explorer
* 64- and 32-bit versions of the product for 32- and 64-bit Office 2010

Compression control
* “Smart” compression
* Compression presets
* Audio & video bitrate control
* JPEG and PNG image compression

System requirements:
Authoring with iSpring Pro/Presenter/SDK
Any computer with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 with PowerPoint XP/2003/2007/2010 installed.
Authoring with iSpring QuizMaker
Any computer with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Flash content viewing
Any computer with any operating system with Flash Player installed and with any browser supporting Flash technology.


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