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Mozilla Add-ons is the add-ons that support Mozilla Firefox internet browser. These add-ons are designed specially that are compatible with Firefox browser. The different extensions are website integration with AllPeers, AniWeather, Forecstfox, LibX, LinkExtend, SimilarWeb, and StumbleUpon.

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Google integration with Google gears, google earth plug-in, google notebook, google toolbar, web accelerator, googlepedia. There are many third party extensions that support Mozilla Firefox browser. The application integration with FlashGot, Foxy tunes, and IE tab . These extension softwares help browser in integration and run with the compatible applications. The different Firefox add-on extensions are available in multiple categories that enable the browser functionality and behaviour. The categories are alerts and updates, appearance, bookmarks, download management, feeds, news, games and entertainment, blogs, languages support, photos, music, privacy and security, shopping, social and communication, tabs, web development and other. Mozilla Add-ons supports all popular extensions and manages all add-on extensions for a personal computer.

Top 10 ten FireFox Add-ons

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