TrueCrypt – disk encryption software for Windows

TrueCrypt is a standard encryption software application that runs on multiple platforms. This software comes with great features like virtual encrypted disk, entire partition, partition on drive, automatic encryption, storage device encryption, real time encryption, hardware accelerated, transparent encryption, and provides plausible deniability.

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Support parallelization for reading and writing data. Mounts real disks, encrypts portable devices like USB flash. This software runs on different operating systems like Linux, Macintosh and Windows®.  Supports on the fly encryption for storage devices, and automatic encryption for data on the disk. It automatically encrypts and decrypts the important files that are saved in a location. The encryption standard is mainly for protecting files and documents and security. TrueCrypt has graphical interface with multiple options like create volume, volume tools, volume properties, wipe cache, select file, select device, auto mount devices, and dismount the devices. It is a step by step process with easily navigatable wizards with multiple options for encrypting volume.

TrueCrypt Tutorial


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