ZipGenius – Fee File Compression Suite

We often download large number of data from the websites and save them in to your personal computer when you are running out of memory your computer eventually becomes slow. For this purpose we can make use of file compression techniques.

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For that reason ZipGenius provides the privilege to compress your data to free some memory so that your computer works normally. ZipGenius is a powerful compressing or zipping software that supports over 20 different formats for compression, some of them include 7zip, UPX, ZIP64 and many others. It provides feasibility for the users by drag and drop options. Zip genius provides advance protection system because it does not depend on any type of password protection systems like any other file compressing software. It encrypts the data using the powerful encryption algorithm. The algorithms available right now are bluefish, Rijndael and two fish.

In order to run ZipGenius, your PC should the following requirements at least:
* CPU: Intel Pentium 233 MMX / AMD K5
* RAM: 16 MB
* 16 MB of free hard disk space
* Windows 95 or better

However we would like to suggest to run ZipGenius with the following requirements:
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
* RAM: 128 MB
* 320 MB of free hard disk space
* Windows XP or better
* Mouse
* Internet access

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