Download MySQL Connector/ODBC – Database driver

MYSQLTM is the open source database. Download MySQL Connector/ODBC is database driver software that runs on multiple platforms.

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ODBC is open database connectivity driver software for MYSQL database. This driver is available in different versions and the latest version is available with updated features for database connectivity. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit windows versions and also supports X86 version. The architecture consists of application, driver manager, DSN configuration, connector/ODBC, and finally MYSQL database server. It is simple to install with easy steps. Loads driver library files automatically that supports database. The data source name has different parameters like Name, Host Name, Database Name, Login and Password. The types of DSN are System DSN, User DSN, and File DSN that are stored depending on platforms. Download MySQL Connector/ODBC has different connection parameters like user, uid, server, database, option, port, initstmt, pwd, socket, sslca, sslcapath, sslkey, char set, read timeout, and write timeout. The ODBC data source administrator enables to add user data sources in system.

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