First Native iPhone Game – Lights Off

Lights off is the first native game developed by Apple. In the earlier days Apple used to depend on the third party for bringing games into iPhone.This game takes the full advantage over the touch screen of iPhone.This game works as it sounds.

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First Native iPhone is an interesting game in which you need to turn off all the lightened up squares on the screen. If you tap a single light it enables four lights around the tapped one. If the square is in lighten up mode and if you tap on it then it turns to light off mode and if it is in off mode and you tap on it then it changes to the lights up mode. All you need to do in this game is to turn off all the lights on the screen which opens up a new interesting level for you. Light off game on iPhone is very simple and surely you will enjoy a lot from this.

Lights Out! game on iPhone


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