Free Voice Recorder App For iPhone and iPod Touch

Voice Recorder from iPhone application is available in your iPhone but all you need is to install the software for accessing this utility. One of the best software in this category is Ultimate voice recorder. This is a good featured application for iPhone embedded with many advanced features.

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Voice Recorder from iPhone is facilitated with fast rewind and forward, seeks, silence skipping, photo attachments for the recorded file and many more. This applications provides the user with many advanced features like : it has an edit mode in which you can edit or re-record the existing recorded files, helps to enable and disable silence-skip control, Voice Recorder from iPhone helps you to copy the recorded files to the FTP server with the help of Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity, it supports multiple recording file formats and provides you with all the popular audio codecs.It is easy to sort the recording list for a quick and easy preview and enabled with a call interruption facility.

Voice Recorder from iPhone Features:

1) Record for seconds or hours.

2) Seek, pause during playback.

3) Email short recordings.

4) Wifi sync any recordings.

5) 44.1k high quality recording.

6) Pause while record.

7) Level meters.

8) Visual trim.

9) Record calls (outgoing)

…and yes, many more features on the way.

iPod Touch generation 2 compatibility requires external microphone!


Record Calls on your iPhone


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