HashTab – Utility to verify File hashes in Windows

HashTab is the software application that verifies the file authenticity. This software calculates all file hashes and supports different hash algorithms like HAVAL, SHA2, MD5, RipeMD and Whirlpool.

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This application runs on Macintosh and Windows® operating system. It is available as a plug-in for OS and verifies the file authenticity. It is simple to install in personal computer, and check file integrity. This software is available in different versions and the latest version comes with improved performance and updated features. The different algorithms help in checking the file status in the system. This software program is available as a sub menu in the windows operating system. Checks the file and displays the hashes of the file. HashTab has easy to use graphical interface that enables to access multiple options for calculating and checking authenticity of the files and also displays the hashes for every file. In the right click it shows sub menu file hashes that checks the files.

Hash tab


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