iPhone Ebooks – Native eBook Reader for the iPhone

iPhone is embedded with an advanced iPhone Ebooks which helps the users to read many books, novels, press releases, and articles etc…more than 20,000 books. Novels and articles are inherited with the iTunes library which can help users enjoys them freely.

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The users are also can add and share the personal information with the help of iPhone Ebook app and it can receive comments from specified data. This application can help multiple readers to read the book at the same time and it also helps to exchange the books within readers. With the help of the book store iBooks you can enjoy the latest best selling books in every category. You need to just select your favorite book from a book shelf in the library by just tapping on it and enjoy the reading. You are also facilitated to add notes for your favorite passages in the book. The latest version of this application is version 1.2 and this version enables you to organize your favorite books and pdf’s into personal collections.

iPhone Ebook Application Futures:

Eventually, this project will include a simple method of syncing eBooks to your iPhone. At the moment, that’s handled by iPHUC and a shell script called copybookdir.sh. As of v. 0.4.2, this script is a separate download.

iPhone ebook Reading: TextOnPhone


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