iPhone – Home Automation from your iPhone

Home automation application in iPhone integrates all your house hold electronic appliances and enables control over them. It is a residential extension for building automation.

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Home automation From iPhone provides you with a centralized control over lightning appliances, heating appliances, ventilation appliances, air conditioning appliances and many more domestic activities to increase the flexibility, energy efficiency and security. In order to access this application you need to install network sockets in your home. In older days these applications are available but they don’t provide a centralized control over the appliances this application is enhanced with all these advanced features. This application enables high end security for the user’s home. The user can activate the security cameras and watch every movement right in there monitor or the touch pad.

This application is connected by using optical fibers or cable or a power line. This application has an advanced feature to connect with the help of radio frequencies or by a device interconnection. This is highly recommended for the users as it provides high security for your houses and helps you in many more ways.

Home automation iPhone Features include:


Control and view your lighting, drapes, flags and other units. H@me supports HLC rooms, scene selection, dimming and more.

*Thermostats, Temperatures and Humidity

View your thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors. H@me can remotely set your heat and cool thresholds, fan modes, hold status and more.


H@me can arm and disarm your security system, check zone statuses and bypass or restore a zone.


With a connected audio system, H@me can display channel and song information as well as provide basic track and volume control. H@me is compatible with Russound, HAI HiFi, Xantech, NuVo and Speakercraft systems.


View multiple webcams in real-time. H@me can stream from any standard IP enabled webcam that supports JPEG output.


Display your system events such as alarm, arm/disarm and trouble messages.


Execute your programed buttons/macros.

*Multiple system/controller support

**** Whats New in 2.0 ****

*System Requirements

H@me version 2.0 requires your HAI system to have firmware 3.0 or later. Users with firmware 2.16 and earlier will need to purchase and install an inexpensive upgrade chip.


Automatic detection of rooms, lights and flags

Room dimming

Scene selection

Flag/Counter control

*Thermostats, Temperatures and Humidity

Indoor/outdoor temperature sensors

Humidity sensors

Hold mode

Automatic display of Celsius or Fahrenheit


Better zone display and management


Access code prompt


HAI HiFi, Xantech, Nuvo and Speakercraft support


Time and date display

Single camera mode


Large amount of bug fixes

Improved stability

Improved networking using HAI’s TCP based protocol

General UI improvements and clean up

Update notification option.

iPod and iPhone home automation controller

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