iRed 2 – Control your Mac from your iPhone

iRed 2 Remote is a flexible remote control inherited with your iPhone now. It has many advanced features incorporated in it. This application enables you to control the ITunes from your iPhone itself.

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iRed 2 Remote application is embedded with many more advanced features like: it helps you in controlling your power point presentation and keynote presentation, it helps you to control HiFi, Video, DVD and many more by using the infrared facility from your Mac, iRed 2 also enables to create your own remote controls using iRed’s graphical editor. This enables you to know the others remote controllers by browsing through online. This application is facilitated with some timers which help you to control the scheduled recordings. This is also embedded with many global shortcut features to control your Mac. The latest version of this application is public beta. This can also support Infrared USB device and Mac OS 10.5.

iRed 2 Remote Controlis an advanced application which helps you in managing your presentations perfectly and iRed 2 is highly recommendable.

iRed 2 Remote Control iPhone Features:

Use any web browser on any computer anywhere to control your Mac at home!

* Control iTunes from your mobile device – best from the iPhone or iPod Touch!

* Control your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation – using your iPhone

* Control your HiFi, Video, DVD, whatever, by infrared from your Mac

(*) This requires an IRTrans USB or LAN device. See iRed pages for details.

* Create your own remote controls with iRed’s graphical editor

* or browse iRed’s online repository to see what other users have designed

The best user experience is to be expected from the iPhone. iRed 2 was especially built to run beautifully on this magic device.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) at least. iRed 2 will definitely not run on 10.3.x (Panther)

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